village women moving dirt on soccer field

"Unity is Strength"

We began work on a soccer field for Twegashe School during our last visit to the village, while waiting to obtain a building permit. We commissioned the village women's cooperative for this challenging task, and they definitely rose to the challenge!
board members and donors gathered around display of mission statement

CORE Tanzania in the News

Learn the back story of CORE Tanzania’s founders and their motivation for supporting access to education in rural Tanzania as told by Seattle freelance author Peggy Sturdivant.
simple white cement building with nine solar panels on rusted tin roof

Healthcare in Bushasha

The people of Bushasha face many health challenges, but public health programs are helping to reduce the risk from diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, and schistosomiasis.
kilns and stacks of drying clay bricks

Building Blocks

Many homes in Bushasha are built with clay bricks, either sun-dried or kiln-fired. But to build Twegashe School we plan to use environmentally-friendly stabilized soil blocks. We had our soil tested during our recent trip and were happy to learn that it will work well for this type of block.
roadside sign for the Equator restaurant

September Trip to Bushasha - The Journey

In September we made a very productive three-week trip to Bushasha to prepare for school construction. The journey went quite smoothly, and good news awaited us when we arrived in the village!
cover page of permit drawings with sketch of school design

September Progress Report

We're continuing to move forward in preparing to build and operate Twegashe School. Our design team has a set of drawings ready for final review, we're planning a trip to the village in mid-September to get ready for construction, testing has confirmed that there is water available on our site for drilling a well, and we've got an experienced and enthusiastic curriculum committee designing our kindergarten curriculum.
brick press machine with newly made block with holes for rebar

March Progress Report

We're making steady progress in our preparations to build Twegashe Primary School. Highlights from our March newsletter include getting our 501(c)(3) approval, finding a machine that makes blocks suitable for earthquake-resistant construction, receiving an offer to drill a well for the school, and having a few new volunteers join our team.
green hillside with grass and banana trees and lake in the background

Trip Notes from Bushasha Village

We arrived in Bushasha village on Saturday afternoon to an enthusiastic welcome from Michael's family. Our week in the village flew by much too quickly with so many tasks to complete in preparation for the school.
school courtyard with large mange tree

Trip Update from Katoke

From Bunda we headed to the village of Kitongo on the south shore of Lake Victoria, where we toured the Mainsprings center. The next day we took a full-day drive to Katoke-Lweru Secondary School, just a few hours from our final destination, Bushasha Village.
rolling green hills with cluster of village huts

Trip Update from Bunda

The next leg of our trip took us from Karatu to Bunda via Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. In Bunda we visited several schools run by the Anglican Church of Tanzania.